Are your properties at risk?

Stay one step ahead of Mother Nature… ALWAYS!

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Perishable Goods

How a minuscule sensor can SAVE your entire perishable goods investment.

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Free Cloud Monitoring.

Get real-time alerts, statistics, and historical data from your smart phone, tablet or PC. Monitoring for your first two sensors are free!

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Data Center Monitoring

Be alerted instantly BEFORE environmental changes in your server room could cause significant hardware and data loss.

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Set up in SECONDS!

All you need is a smart phone, tablet or PC. Simply put our sensor anywhere you wish to monitor. It works!


3 Sensors in 1 Device!

Why settle for monitoring just ONE condition? A single sensor monitors temperature, light and motion.

Instant Cloud Access!

Always know the condition of your investment from miles away! Get instant alerts with any environment change!

Get Started NOW!

Protect your investment for just pennies on the dollar! Get started with a gateway and sensor. Free cloud monitoring.

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Custom Low Energy Sensor Networks

We provide custom design an installation services for all your sensor network needs.

Call us if you have any questions.