Quite possibly the most advanced, most user-friendly low energy sensor available

You have a choice. You can use multiple sensors to monitor the different environments of your critical inventory. One to monitor temperature. And other for light and motion.

You can use a sensor system that is complex to understand, difficult to install, and takes an engineer or programmer to use it correctly.

You can use a sensor that caps your devices, limits your distance, and whose battery life expires within mere months.

Or you can choose SensorShield’s 3 in 1 Low Energy Smart Sensor.

Our goal was to build a reliable sensor that anyone could use. Without having to think about where to place it or how to install it, it simply worked. And with a battery life that lasts for years, it always works.

How our 3 in 1 Low Energy Smart Sensor outperforms the competition:

  • Practical — Don’t settle. Monitor ALL major conditions, including temperature, light and motion.

  • User-friendly — Seriously, anyone can install and use this sensor. There’s practically zero learning curve.

  • Wide-use — Designed to be placed just about anywhere. In office buildings, wine cellars, greenhouses, humidors. Simply put it wherever you wish to monitor.

  • Retro-fit options — No matter if your environment is high tech or low tech, our sensor fits your needs.

These benefits make SensorShield your top choice when it comes to protecting your most valuable inventory. And even beyond the benefits, you’ll appreciate the cost savings, energy savings, and especially the peace-of-mind savings.

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