Your dream took considerable time and money to build.

Don’t let it disappear in mere seconds simply because
“You didn’t know.”

Your goods are your livelihood.

Whether you grow vegetables or plants in greenhouse environments, manufacture or sell beer or wine, or own tobacco humidors, you are a master of your craft.

You’ve invested countless dollars and years of time to ensure your goods are of the highest quality — to demand the highest satisfaction and highest return.

And to protect your investment, you’ve accounted for most every possible problem. Fire. Theft. Contaminants.

But, every year, hundreds of millions of dollars in inventory is destroyed simply because people took their eye off of their business… for just a FEW MINUTES!

In mere minutes, drastic changes to temperature, humidity and light can have devastating effects on your inventory. Killing vegetation. Affecting the taste of beer and wine. And destabilizing the humidity in humidors.

Super storm Sandy leveled much of New Jersey in just a few hours. In South Dakota, a freak October blizzard killed over a hundred thousand head of cattle.

Mother Nature can change on a dime. And her results can crush businesses just like yours.

Maybe you’re thinking:
“I can’t keep track of my business environment every second of the day.”

Now you CAN.

SensorShield is designed to protect your valuable inventory. In essence protecting your business.

Wherever you most need to closely monitor your environment, you simply add one of our sensors. In your greenhouses, your wine cellar, or your humidor. It’s that easy.

Suddenly you gain peace of mind because SensorShield is three sensors in one: Continuously monitoring temperature, light and motion.

If there is ever a sudden change in any of these damaging conditions, the sensor communicates by Bluetooth to your smart phone, tablet or PC — instantly alerting you.

Take a proactive stance and protect your valuable inventory from the brutal effects of heat, cold, water and light. Simply add SensorShield sensors to where you store your inventory.

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