What you don’t know CAN hurt you.

As a property owner, you can either “not know” until it costs you dearly. Or confidently start KNOWING every second of every day.

You probably know what it’s like to find out after the fact that your tenants stained your carpet. Or broke an appliance. Or didn’t keep up the landscaping

Those are the expected problems of property management. They’re a little inconvenient and cost just a little to remedy.

Then there are the potential problems that keep you up nights. The ones you’ve heard horror stories about. The ones that are out of your control.

So far, you’ve been fortunate they’ve never happened to your properties.


Like frozen pipes that burst and flood your floors.

Or a water heater that leaks for weeks or months and creates water damage and even mold.

If you live many miles away from your properties, you may never know the damage that’s taking place. If your properties are vacant, it could be weeks before you find out. And even if you have well-intending tenants, they may not know until the damage and costs are out of control.

Now YOU can take back control of all your properties.
Even if you’re thousands of miles away!

SensorShield is designed to protect your properties. In essence protecting you. Simply add one of our sensors to all of the critical monitoring areas in each of your properties. It’s that easy. Suddenly you gain peace of mind because SensorShield is three sensors in one: Continuously monitoring temperature, light and motion.

Learn more about our sensor networks.

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Take action to protect your investment properties now.

If there is ever a sudden change in any of these damaging conditions, the sensor communicates by Bluetooth to your smart phone, tablet or PC — instantly alerting you.

Without the SensorShield, you would never know. Until you got a phone call from a tenant. Or until you visited your property in person. By then, it’s too late!

Take a proactive stance and protect your properties from the brutal effects of heat, cold, water and light. Simply add SensorShield sensors.