What is a Sensor Network?

Essentially, a Sensor Network is your answer to, “Can you be at all places at all times?”


Years ago, if you needed to measure the temperature, humidity or light output in a sensitive area such as a greenhouse, wine cellar or server room, you would need to physically drive to that location and take the measurements.

Today, you have an instant solution that works no matter where you are — even hundreds of miles away. By setting up a wireless sensor network, you are constantly able to check environmental conditions right at the heart of your product inventory. Plus, when conditions change, you receive an instant alert on your smart phone, tablet or Internet-connected PC.

To create a wireless sensor network, here’s what you need:

  • A consumer-grade Bluetooth Low Energy wireless sensor

  • An Ethernet-enabled gateway

  • A smart phone, tablet or Internet-connected PC

Multiple sensors efficiently communicate to an Ethernet-enabled gateway and smart phones in order to report any alerts or hazardous conditions that could occur in a server room or data center.

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